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Berkeley Cars produced small three wheeled cars (Berkeley T60) and four wheeled cars (Berkeley Sa322, Se328, Se492, B95, and B105) between 1956 and 12th December 1960.
Some other cars where made by the company in small numbers, namely the Foursome, a four seat four wheeler and a T60/4 a four seat three wheeler.

The cars were all very attractive vehicles, especially the soft top versions which are the most common.  They are largely made of fibreglass with aluminium bulkheads and either steel or aluminium chassis sections for added strength.

Breaking News

  • 22 Jan 2014- To help fellow Berkeley Enthusiasts with their clutches I've scanned all of my clutch related documents and added them to the Technical Manuals section of the web site. You'll find them in section 4 Transmission, which covers the clutch.
  • April 09 - Fibreglass repair article added to the Library and Technical section
  • Aug 08 - I've created an Events Page, mainly for my own use since , as most will agree, I'm useless at remembering when events are taking place until it's too late.
  • Yahoo Berkeley Group. There is a Berkeley-USA group at "Yahoo! Groups" primarily for USA Berkeley members, is a free, easy-to-use email group service. The service allows you to send messages with members of the group by simply sending one email to the group address which then gets shared with all the members.  Equally files and information can be shared in a similar way.  To learn more about the Berkeley-USA group, please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Berkeley-USA

Recent Changes


22 Jan 14

11 Aug 08

Added clutch related documents to the Technical Manuals - 04 Transmissions section.

Created the Events page, so I can try and keep up to date with Microcar events and classic car related shows


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Look at the new online photo album filled with pictures from the past.
  • The Biggleswade FM radio station has a web site with information about the local Berkeley Coachworks company with some interesting pictures of the factory and the staff.

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